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Winner of the 2015 Leo award 

"Best Costume Design in a Feature Film"


Nominee of the 2015 Leo Award
"Best Costume Design in a Short Film
"Costume design by Florence Barrett strongly reinforced the preoccupations of the characters. The ghostly figures wear tattered, post apocalyptic garments that reference a mosaic of time..."
- Converge Magazine
"Florence Barrett’s scenic design works beautifully in this tiny space, making the audience part of the cabin’s quirky intimacy..."
-The Georgia Staright
"Physically, the production,is stylin'. Set designer Florence Barrett places a long, narrow projection screen upstage—it feels like you’re at a little drive-in—then splashes a star-spangled night sky and other essential images across it... "


-The Geogria Staright
"Stage managers rarely get their due, but it doesn’t take much to see how daunting a task it must be for Florence Barrett with a show like this..."
-Vancouver Presents
"Florence Barrett's costumes were striking particularly the gowns worn by some of the women..."
-Reviews from the House
"Costuming that shows imagination and pragmatism..."
-Vancouver Presents
"Florence Barrett’s design works well: three woven screens are easily manipulated to provide a changing room..."
-Vancouver Courier
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